Our Projects

Overview of “No Wrong Door”

The goal of this concept is to improve integration and comprehensiveness of direct services across various health domains. Integrated care aims to address preventable, under-treated conditions that affect other diagnosed health conditions and ensures an individual’s multiple healthcare needs are met.

These efforts will be achieved through:

  • Providing comprehensive screening & access to services no matter what setting the client enters for care
  • Targeting important health categories, including:  
    • Mental Health Treatment
    • Substance Use Treatment
    • Primary Care Services
    • Sexual Health
    • HIV and other Infectious Disease Services
  • Ensuring those at risk are able to access appropriate treatment
  • Collaborating with other community agencies to improve continuity of care

 The No Wrong Door Integrative Screener

In order to achieve integrated and comprehensive care the CCC developed the No Wrong Door Integrative Screener in collaboration with a team of individuals from DHMH, PHPA, IDB.

About the No Wrong Door Integrative Screener:

  • Brief (15-minute) interview or self-report measure
  • Created from validated, trusted, highly-utilized instruments and resources across health domains
  • Asks clients about specific health risks in critical areas
  • Facilitates appropriate treatment planning and referrals
For more information on the No Wrong Door Integrative Screener and how to use it, please visit our Measures page.