Aggregate Workbooks

In order to enhance the usability of the NWD Integrative Screener, we developed two aggregate data workbooks to help track data captured by the screener:

  • Individual-Level Aggregate Workbook
  • Agency-Level Aggregate Workbook


The Individual-Level Aggregate Workbook

The Individual-Level Aggregate Workbook tracks data from the NWD Integrative Screener when given to a client at multiple time points (up to five time points).  It can provide data on changes in a client’s risk, readiness, and referrals over time.

This can be useful for a provider to monitor a client’s progress during treatment and help inform treatment plan updates.




The Agency-Level Aggregate Workbook

The Agency-Level Aggregate Workbook collects and summarizes data from multiple clients in an agency or program.  It can track up to 500 clients at a given time.

This aggregate workbook provides average scale scores, number of clients at or above a cut-off score, number of clients endorsing specific risk factors, and number of clients agreed to referrals.





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