Features of the No Wrong Door Integrative Screener

The NWD Integrative Screener is a 6-page screener including questions across multiple health domains. The screener can be administered as a self-report measure or as an interview between a provider and client, and can be completed in about 15-20 minutes.


Some of its unique features include:

  • Interview Page: lists the possible referral options that could be recommended based on screener items, and whether: a referral is needed; the client agrees to the referral; and a referral is made. Also includes a place for clients to rate their readiness/interest to address health concerns. This page is completed exclusively in an interview format.

    IS Intervie Pg. 3.0

  • Feedback Sheet: generated based on the automatic scoring mechanism to display client risk levels and referral needs for each health domain.

IS 3.0 MH Feedback

  • Client Summary Sheet: a 1-page sheet that the client can take home with them to remind them of 1) what areas of risk/concern were identified, 2) their identified strengths, 3) what referral were made, and 4) what the next steps are for their care (e.g., assessments, testing).

Client Summary Sheet

  • HIV/ID Testing Recommendations: additional information on specific client risk factors that warrant testing for infectious diseases

There are several ways to score the screener and identify risk:

  • Electronic/Automatic Scoring: scoring automatically completed “behind-the-scenes” and checks off areas of risk/referral recommendations within Excel®.
  • Referral Indicators: quick scoring guide to alert providers to health risks warranting a possible referral.

IS 3.0 Tobacco Q

  • One-Page Scoring Sheet (not shown): a 1-page sheet that mirrors the Referral Indicators; helpful for the self-report version where point values and shading are not included on the Screener.